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Management Systems

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance system is reviewed, assessed and audited against the key requirements of the AS/NZS IS09001:2015 Standard as mandated by the International Accreditation Forum.

Internal and third party audits are regularly performed in order to establish, maintain, identify and monitor corrective actions for recognised risks, and we maintain comprehensive records of all risks and associated actions.

The Quality Assurance Objectives of this policy are:

Client Focus

To ensure that the Organisation understands current and future Client needs, meets and monitors their requirements through an effective feedback mechanism and, continually strives to exceed Client expectations.

Involvement of People

To ensure that full involvement of all staff in the success of the Organisation is achieved, and that people’s knowledge and skills are developed through continual training or development to meet their own and the organisation’s goals.

Process Management

To ensure that all key processes and associated resources are effectively understood while being managed, maintained and controlled through meaningful producible evidence and effective communication to add value to the Organisation and it’s Clients

Subcontractor / Supplier Relationships

To ensure that subcontractors and suppliers meet the needs of both the organisation and client insofar as quality and delivery are maintained while promoting a mutually beneficial relationship to develop, and achieve agreed goals and objectives.



Safety Management

Roofmax identifies and manages the work environment by undertaking Risk Assessments, and controlling hazards to people and materials through documented Safe Work Method Statements and Standard Operating Procedures. These documents include the effective use of the Hierarchy of Risk Control methodology.

These documents form part of our operational controls within our Safety Management System and are an integral part of our Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHMS).


Environment Management

Our Management System incorporates policies and procedures to minimize environmental impacts with our aim to

  • Reduce Waste – ensuring materials processes are efficient.
  • Return to be re-used
  • Recycle where materials can’t be reused or returned