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Our Mission, Vision & Values


To ensure profitable company growth by providing innovative roofing solutions, employing highly qualified people and maintaining high standards of safety performance.


We are a dynamic, service and safety focused company, recognised as an industry leader. We are proud of our past but focused on the future where we will deliver compliant and enduring roofing solutions of any size to our commercial and industrial clients in any situation or environment.


Customer Focused - We build relationships with builders, architects and our clients. We understand their needs. We make commitments in good faith, we always act professionally and we’re honest in all of our actions.

Safety First – we are committed to workplace safety and our target is for zero incidents or injuries. We invest in and develop safety equipment for our workers and we provide continuous training to enable a safer working environment.

Dependability – Our business depends upon our reputation and is the cornerstone of our success.

Quality - we will never compromise on the quality of our products or the safety of our workers.

Integrity and Respect – this is the basis of our relationships with our clients, suppliers and staff. We believe in ethical business conduct - we will always act in the best interests of all parties and we will always assume positive intent.